Do we Really Need Smart Devices at Home?


Technology is improving each and every day with new inventions and innovations coming up. There are so many smart devices that are now almost running our lives but in a nice way. It is slowly becoming impossible to totally ignore technological advancement because the effects are so open for all to see. Still, why do we need technology? Is there any value it is adding to our lives? The answer to the second question is a resounding yes; we do need technology. In fact, the question should have been more of ‘can we do without technology?’ There are many reasons why we should befriend technology.

Technology makes our work easier and quite convenient. There are many smart devices designed to make our lives easier and convenient. One can control many smart devices from the palm of our hands or from a comfortable chair. All one needs is a smart phone or device that will be use as a dashboard or console. To cook for instance, one may just need a smart oven or fryer. Crock pot is an example of a smart slow cooker. With a WeMo application, the cooker can be connected to a smart mobile device enabling one to do the cooking even away from home. All one should do earlier is place the ingredients in the cooker. A text and prompt is all one needs to start action in the Wi-Fi connected cooker. You can adjust the heat, the time and many other settings related to the type of food you are making and the feedback you get from the cooker through the application. Other smart cookers like the Anova smart oven even downloads the recipes from the internet what you need to do is just switch it on and command it to prepare start preparing the food. Again, you do not need to be physically there to oversee the cooking- you can do all this remotely.

Smart appliances increase efficiency and save on energy and other resources. Smart appliances are made after years and long periods of research so are bound to work better saving energy and much more in the process. Smart dish washers for example clean the dishes very quickly and also give valuable feedback. One can tell if the detergent used is enough or needs some more. Also, the rinsing agent is consistently checked automatically and the feedback sent to the user for action. Should there be a leakage in any of the conduit pipes or material the dishwasher or smart laundry machine, the exact problem is identified and the user notified. Also, one can switch it off when the cleaning of the utensils or clothes is done saving the energy. Smart security cameras are equipped with sensors to make them work better. Canary is an example of a smart security camera. It has a camera with night vision ability and a siren and motion detectors. It ‘studies’ its environment and should there be motion  noise or anything out of the ordinary, the sensors activate it and it gets to work. It captures the information and notifies the registered device. It also sets off the siren and speaker should the danger persist. When everything is ‘fine’, it will switch to the energy saving mode until it is time for action. It is not just the electricity energy that is saved with the use of smart appliances but also our own energy and strength we would have used moving up and down trying to see to it that all is fine.

Smart devices are fun to work with. The digital assistants besides helping in connecting the smart devices are also good company. They know much about the user, play the music needed, switch on electronic devices and be there to converse and answer the questions one has. This is thanks to the connections to Wikipedia and Google search for Google Home or other sources for other assistants. These are not all the reasons, one has to try and see for themselves.